Dynamic Stretching

What are the benefits of dynamic stretching before a workout?

Most people have careers that force us to sit at a desk, in front of a computer, for an extended period of time… so first and foremost, stretching is always a good idea! When thinking about stretching you might have an image in your mind of holding the same position to target one specific muscle. However, dynamic stretching techniques are more lively! It’s time to put the body in motion and flow through a series of repeated exercises to gain full motion from your muscles. 

For example, an individual can side shuffle left and right to warm up the outer hip movements. Another beneficial movement is walking knee to chest. The planted leg remains stable, tucking the hips, while pulling the lifted knee towards your chest and remaining tall. This movement will target multiple areas! 

Dynamic stretching is shown to be a better alternative to traditional stretching because it reduces muscle tightness with natural movement. This form of stretching helps improve speed, agility, and acceleration. These functional movements also increase muscle temperature and prepare them for the workout ahead! 

Do you know how to complete various dynamic stretches? There are so many that you can learn! Just reach out, and we can help you today!


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