About Jaime

My name is Jaime and I am the founder and creator of SweatStrong Fitness!
I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, with a Minor in Exercise Science, from Manhattan College.

My background includes extensive work as a physical therapist aide and I specialize in helping those in need of post-rehabilitative fitness.

I started this brand to inspire my clients and help them integrate exercise into their daily lives.
It has always been important to me that my clients understand how to move their bodies right, before moving them more.  My experience in the physical therapy capacity allowed me to help patients progress after injuries and surgery through exercise, functional movement, and proper stretching.

I am a lifelong athlete who is personally familiar with sport performance training as well. With many years of experience in personal training, I have developed effective programs for body transformation, weight loss and postpartum rehabilitation. Whether you are overcoming physical challenges, looking to reach your goals, or just want to get more active, I know that my fitness regime is the support and expertise needed for your success!

You’ve already taken the first step and are looking in the right place, now it’s just time to SweatStrong!


Patricia De Alessandro
I’ve been working out with Jaime for some time now and I cannot say enough positive things about him. What I love most about him, is he corrects you if your form is off and pushes you to do more than you think you can. He is always enthusiastic and makes sure you reach your personnel goals. He truly brings out my best. Thank you for always bringing out my inner beast.
Jamie Rubin
When I first started going to Jaime I had specific goals in mind that he was open to discussing with me. Now that I’ve been seeing him for a while, my goals have transformed into more than I ever thought was possible for myself. He introduced me to boxing, which I had never done before and I have an absolute blast! In only a short time, I was able to see myself progress each session. His knowledge in this field is extensive and I feel comfortable working with someone who knows how to help me reach my goals in a way that’s best for me. Jaime is also charismatic and passionate and makes each workout fun and upbeat. He goes above and beyond my expectations for a trainer and I have recommended him to everyone I know and will continue to do so!
Rebecca Hahn
I have been training with Jaime for 5 years and honestly in the best shape of my life. He always pushes you out of your comfort zone to achieve the results you want. Workouts and classes always fly by and always switched up! He is extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. Jaime is not only a great trainer, but trainer turned friend! If you want results come workout with him, you won’t regret it!
Fernanda Ciancaleoni
If you want to improve your physical form and your overall health you are in the right place. Jaime is a great trainer. I’ve been training with him for the past 2 years I can attest that my strength and endurance have improved tremendously. Jaime is very knowledgeable, he always explains the exercises so you can understand why you are doing what you are doing. He is also very attentive to make sure that your execution is on point giving you the tools to build a perfect form. His workouts are tough but also enjoyable, with a great variety of exercises that are never boring. He will push you further than ever before, he will challenge you every time but, in the end, you will feel stronger and accomplished than you have ever felt.
Carly Scibetta
Jaime always motivates me to challenge myself and attain my goals. Not only are workouts and training sessions with Sweat Strong Fitness effective, but Jaime also makes working out fun and enjoyable. He is extremely punctual and knowledgeable in his field. Jaime’s motivational attitude makes you keep pushing even when you think your body wants to quit. Each workout with Sweat Strong Fitness is meticulously thought out to target certain areas of the body. I can feel myself getting stronger with each session. Sweat Strong Fitness will provide you with success in reaching your fitness goals!
Millie Sialer
The best investment for my health was to hire Jaime - SweatStrong Fitness! As a person who has had several surgeries such has 2 ripped rotator cuffs, torn meniscus, and spinal fusion, Jaime assured me that he would work with my body to not only lose weight, but to make it STRONG! Within 13 weeks of training with SSF, I have lost over 35lbs, gained flexibility, mobility and built muscle to support all of my injuries. Jaime has not only become my personal trainer but has also pushed me to become a better version of myself through his positive energy and encouragement! Thank you Jaime for helping me transform into a better ME!
Marissa Arcaroli
The best decision I made for myself in regards to working out, was to find Jaime as a personal trainer. In the 4 years I've trained with him, I never left feeling like he didn't get the best out of me. There are mornings that I do not want to get out of bed, but when I know it's "Jaime Day", I get my butt up and go! At 6:00 am, Jaime comes in jumping, dancing, flipping like Spiderman bouncing off the walls. He's prepared, explains things well, tells me why I should do certain exercises and That motivates me. He comes in with a smile, kind words and some scolding if needed. When I can't do another 20 boxing punches, I know I can (and I better!) because Jaime is yelling at me that I can do it. I feel strong, healthy, positive and mentally in shape after my training sessions. Those 4 things are so important and I am thankful for Jaime to keep me on track!
Elizabeth Deliu
Are you ready to go on a journey? I was! I was ready for something more. A physical and mental challenge. I decided I wanted to run spartan races and not just run them but continually overcome obstacles I couldn't do the time before cut my time at the finish line, and become stronger with each and every race.... I had the drive but I needed help! I had trials with many trainers but no one had the energy and ability that Jaime had ...He not only showed me to how to focus and breathe through all the physical discomfort but also with this practice allowed me to.grow mentally strong, not only in the gym but in life....one step and breath at a time ...Now going on 4 years of training in this fickle world ..I still choose to train with Jaime and I am never bored and never feel complacent....Whether it was overcoming obstacles or rehabbing through injuries there is nothing this trainer can't do to help you achieve your goals! So if you are ready and looking for someone to push, help and guide you through your fitness goals Jaime is your trainer!
Ben Silver
I have been a client of Jaime’s for about 6 months now. He is a great asset to the world of personal training and exercising. Not only is Jaime helpful with exercise movement, he will also make sure the exercise is performed correctly to prevent any injuries.
Gauri Jaju
My husband and I have been taking personal training sessions with Jaime and absolutely love them! He has so much energy even given we have early morning classes (6am)!!! The best part is every session is different with a variety of workouts and circuits which keeps it interesting. Jaime has been helping us improve our form and really challenges us to do better every step of the way. A cherry on top are the kickass workout instagram stories he captures and posts 🙂 Highly recommend!!!
Tina Kontarakis
I have been working with Jaime for a few years now and his Fitness training methods are definitely results driven! He motivates, makes workouts fun and pays attention to form. He cares for his clients and nothing gets in his way of helping them meet their fitness goals. Even during the pandemic he offered creative ways for his clients to continue their exercise routines. His exercise programs were made available on line, in the park and now in a new facility!
Tammy Wilcox
Jaime is always professional and has fun at the same time. I have known Jaime now for about 7 years and have been privileged to workout with him in classes and as a personal trainer. He makes working out fun..he pushes you and encourages you to achieve the results you want.
Akanksha Sadana-Raswant
My husband and I have been working out with Jamie for three years. He is one of the most motivating and positive fitness instructors we know! After every training session and boot camp class my husband and I feel healthier and stronger. We love the way he challenges and empowers us to do our best, while making it fun and engaging. Not only do we look forward to our weekly sessions with Jamie, but our daughter and dog are first in line to hang with him. If you want results, train with SweatStrong Fitness!!
Simi Spiegler
Jaime is simply the best. He has great energy and knows exactly what to say to help power you through your session. He is so knowledgeable about form and helps you tweak each exercise to make the most out of it. Don’t think about it. Just do it! #didyousweattoday #makegoodchoices
Samantha Saeboe
Jaime is so fun and motivates me to be better every time we meet. He gives me workouts to suit what I stated I liked from the first time we met, and i’ve never been bored! Jaime will be the one to help me meet my goal and go further. 🙂
Danila Gregory
Jamie is the best! I look forward to working out with him every week. He is enthusiastic, motivating and knowledgeable about all things fitness. He has a new workout for me every week and I definitely see the results! Highest recommendations for Sweatstrong Fitness!!
Lindsey Hooper
I have been training with Jaime for the past 5 years. He has been such a positive and motivating trainer. He has helped me improve my fitness level, correct my form, and most importantly I see the results! I can honestly say that I am in better shape now after having two children. I’m mostly grateful for all he has done during this pandemic to assure his clients have continuous exercise content. He is always bringing something new to the table and never disappoints!

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