Benefits of a Weighted Workout Vest

Get Ready To Level Up Your Workout

As the winter months are approaching and the cold is settling in, you are probably familiar with layering up using a vest. You still like to get in your morning walk or afternoon run and it can help by adding an extra layer of warmth.  But, did you know that by adding a different kind of vest to level up your workout can have significant benefits?  Weighted vests are wearable weights that fit snugly around your chest and back. 

These vests allow the wearer to exercise and experience increased resistance. Since you are exerting more energy you are likely to improve your cardio capacity, muscular endurance, and overall health. For someone who might just be starting their fitness journey, a weighted vest can help increase your calorie burn without intensifying your workouts too much right away. The best part is… you do not need to add a lot of weight to level up your workouts. Weighted vests can range from 4 to 30 pounds! SweatStong Fitness owner, Jaime Aponte, stands by his weighted vest and loves to use it for his runs and also while teaching his virtual fitness classes. Ask Jaime about how to properly add a weighted vest to your workout today! 

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